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Hello, Greetings…

I am Subashini Janarthanan!

We started a small home based company called ‘Santhiya Food products’ in 2018, my 2nd grand daughter’s name with a single product – Mango pickle.

We made small quantities and supplied to shops with the help of my husband. Slowly, we added few more varieties of pickles to our product list. Business then improved. 

But, due to my husband’s health condition in 2019, we were unable to distribute the goods to the shops on time. Competitors were filling our places and our business went down. We went back to where we started.

I had explained about Santhiya food products to my son. He realized that the best solution was to sell in online and started making preparations for it.

He applied for all kinds of licenses ,certificates within a month and got them. We got permission to sell Santhiya food products on e-commerce website like amazon, flipkart and started implementing that too. Somehow a little light began to shine in the dark room! 

We prepared for a long journey…the days moved on…Business started picking up again. I remember the date march 24 2020 -the first lockdown announcement in India due to covid-19.

The whole world was shutdown. It was then we knew what the needs of the people were and started making efforts for it.

We decided to produce and sell food products for everyday dishes like curry, rasam, sambar and added them to our sales list.

 The courier and Amazon services started after two months. We prepared to face the risk. We uploaded our Advertisements on website like facebook, instagram, Whatsapp, twitter and telegram.

Huge responses and orders started coming in. Customers tasted and felt the quality of our food was great and recommended it to others and support our business growth.

I would like to thank all the customers. Finally, we have reached 1 million turnover at march 2021 and still continue..!

Our Slogan

Wherever you live, Our Service is to deliver at your door step with great quality and tastes!

Santhiya Food Products

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