Story of Gramas


The story of Grama’s Authentic whole spices, ground spices & chai masala began at a time when the whole world was under lockdown due to the COVID Pandemic.

During the lockdown I started following my passion for cooking traditional Indian dishes, and during this time is when I realized that the ground spices that I was buying from out there was not good enough to give the aroma & flavour that I needed for my dishes, And that’s what triggered me to develop my own mix of “Garam Masala” And soon created my own homemade ground spices (Garam masala) and shared it with my family and friends¸ Fortunately the product was liked & appreciated by many and that encouraged me to make it commercial, Now we have about a dozen of products,

We are also happy to say that Gramas Spices are well accepted by the customers in other e-commerce platforms like Bigbasket Amazon and Flipkart and are getting good ratings as well.

Gramas aims to tickle your taste buds and provide food for thought as well, by bringing to your table, fresh, healthy and chemical free authentic Indian spices.



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