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Tvishi Handmade

The journey of Tvishi has been an extremely personal one for me. What started as a side project to make sure my daughter got the best care possible now resonates with so many across the country. From my family to yours, we are now becoming the primary skin care brand for many families across the country.

10 years ago, if someone had told me that I’d get obsessed with skincare, I would have laughed it off. It’s not me. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved Math & Science; particularly Chemistry since my childhood (still remember my Chem prattles, my besties had to painfully listen to). But I had nothing to do with skincare or cosmetics then, until 5 years ago when my daughter S’s skin allergies and eczema flared up over time with multiple health and skin issues and left me with little choices.


After what seemed like years of searching for the right skin care products for S, I felt like I had only two choices– either give up the search and accept failure or innovate, improvise, and solve the problem. As a mother, there really only ever was one choice for me. 8 months later, after a lot of experiments, on my husband first, and then my son U and finally on S, things slowly and steadily improved with S’s skin.

But I was thirsty to know more, to try more; what really was helping her? Why was this help not available in the products available in the market? How can I use that to help my family in the long run?


With all the questions in mind, I got started with my skincare journey. At that point, it felt like I was shooting in the dark, but I was determined. But this whole journey of finding the perfect ingredients is what is binding us all together today. From a miniature kitchen workplace to a small lab beside my kitchen in Bahrain to a workshop in India; from a few hours of reading and experimenting to dedicating every waking minute to research, I sure have come a long way into formulating skincare. lot of time in my small workspace


I slowly started seeing the results of all my efforts over a period. After a lot of experimenting within my close circle, I started getting overwhelming feedback for all the products I was sharing with my friends and family. Before I knew it, I was getting calls from strangers (who became friends later; and are family now). The call would start as “Hi, I’m a friend of xyz. She told me you are a skin care expert. I have ….”. I would embarrassingly deny the expertise part and share advice and what worked for me.

While this was just the norm, few popped the question. “Kri, have you considered selling your products?” Honestly, it was a scary thought. But something in me pushed me ahead. And the result was ‘TEJUS’. To my surprise, Tejus took off amazingly fast (unlike my expectations of a slow fun filled hobby) and left me baffled to begin with. But we dealt with all that life must throw at us and took it one order at a time. The baby steps helped, and I can proudly say that Tejus is a name to reckon in the Bahrain Indian community.


As we continued to grow in Bahrain, we started receiving a lot of requests from people in Bahrain. They wanted their families in India to experience the quality products I had to offer. 

One thing led to another, and we finally decided to take the leap, the plunge; to officially launch Tvishi Handmade in India. 

With a small but extremely hard-working team, we are working very closely to provide qualitative organic skin and hair care for your entire family.

These 5 years have been full of trials and failures; with rare lotus blooming out of the marshland. There is always an element of excitement, suspense, fun, thrill that comes out of failure which I have come to terms with. I have started enjoying my attempts at failure just to embrace the road to success with each step. 

Bigger lessons to life are learnt this way. Find yours, listen to your heart and mind because that keeps giving us signals of what we want to do for us and to the society we belong to.


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