Story Of Brand POKONUT


The idea to build POKONUT came after my Elder Son was born.

Just like any educated parent we used to research a lot before applying any product on my babies sensitive skin however even after using branded products that claimed to be natural and certified we were surprised to see rashes on our lil munchkin skin.

On consulting Doctor, we found that the rashes were caused out of dryness as the moisturization in the products were not sufficient and as babies skin loses moisture very easily, he was developing these dryness rashes more frequently.

I had my Grandma with me who shared the Ayurveda formulations that they used for little babies.

My Grandma had rich knowledge of plant-based formulations as she hailed from Lap of Himalaya so was always surrounded by all sort of herbs and her father being a popular for his knowledge on Ayurvedic Vidya of his times, these formulations were part of their everyday routine.

When we started making my Grandma’s secret formulations we notice that traditional Ayurvedic formulations had few issues like they were too viscous because of which they become greasy and sticky and thus might not be fit for modern era lifestyle.

So we started to resolve this issue and them fit for babies and working mom’s like me.

As my husband was associated with Pharmaceuticals industry for more than a Decade and having hand on experience for pharmaceutical research. He along with his friend , started adding a modern twist to my grandma traditional formulations from their home lab especially setup for this work, with all their extensive scientific research our first classic formulation was Born.

And today we proudly say we are pioneer in Ayurvedic formulations with modern twist and make them fit for modern life style.

All this while we been using & testing these on ourselves and both of our Kids , long term results were amazing.

As these formulations turned out to be wonderful with no side effects.

POKONUT is on mission to provide best premium natural formulations that combines wisdom of age old ayurvedic traditions with modern touch of sciences which do not impact real ingredients but make them usable for modern era so that we can give best care to generations and nurture them with love.

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