Journey of Gaia Baby Essential

Gaia Baby Essentials is on a mission to ensure our babies’ first footsteps on earth are green.


Who are we?

The seed for Gaia Baby Essentials was planted when we realised the products used on our new born babies were synthetic, non-biodegradable, used chemicals and strong fragrances. Green washing of products and promises of safety were easily identified with just a little bit of research. This experience set us on a mission to ensure our babies’ used the safest products that were also good for our Earth. After extensive research and consultations with experts, Gaia Baby Essentials was born.

We’re on a journey to provide parents, like us, with baby care products that are safe for babies and our planet  Afterall, the care your baby needs is the care our planet needs.

Gaia Baby Essentials, named after the Greek Goddess of Earth, is a family-run business. Our core values lie in empathy, grit and integrity. We defy capitalistic beliefs that doing good, sustainability and business cannot coincide. Earth’s equilibrium, though fragile, does exist. Gaia Baby Essentials is a social enterprise focused on sustainability and safety in all aspects. Maintaining the quality and standard of products is of the utmost importance to us.


Why Gaia Baby?

India produces 62 million tonnes of waste every year, that’s the weight of 36,000+ statues of unity. Out of this, 2 lakh tonnes of waste is from diapers and the amount of waste generated from wet wipes and other baby products is unknown. This is the legacy we leave behind for the younger generations to deal with.

It’s time we made a conscious effort to ensure that our children begin their life as sustainably as possible. We owe it to them to ensure that they not only use the safest products but also ones that don’t negatively impact our earth.

At Gaia, we invest extensive time and money in making quality products. Being parents of twins, we noticed how different the sensitivity of each of their skin was. We had to use products from different companies for each, which was inconvenient.

We owe it to parents to help them care for their little ones with products that suit all skin types. We promise you products made sustainably and naturally. Join us on this journey to ensure our babies first footsteps on Earth are as green as possible.

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