Ceyon Naturaa – The Organic Journey

Ceyon Naturaa is the Brain Child of Mr. Rajakarthik and Dr. Inbalatha who are Certified Organic Skincare Formulator and Doctor by profession respectively

When it comes to the brand it all started with Love

As her profession demands Dr. Inbalatha had to deal with recurrent eczema as a result of frequent handwashing and cleansing using, over-the-counter soaps and handwashes. Washing hands with soap and water not just helps to rinse away dirt and germs, but the chemicals in it also strip away the healthy oils and good bacteria that defend against disease.

By the time she was carrying her first child, the eczema flare-ups due to frequent hand washing further increased. She tried every cleanser from health stores to pharmacies but nothing worked in her favor.

Since it is advised to avoid harsh chemicals during pregnancy, she along with her husband worked on their formula to make a plant-based gentle range of products that worked like magic not just for her but also for her peer colleagues.

They further worked on dedicated research on plant-based ingredients to feed the skin and thus evolved Ceyon Naturaa’s Organic skincare range.

COSMOS Certification

Ceyon Naturaa products are manufactured according to COSMOS standard requirements. All our cosmetic products are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, France – the first certification body to develop standards for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. All the products recognized by the Ecocert logo are verified from composition to processing and packaging.

We chose ECOCERT Greenlife because it is one of the highly regarded international organic certification bodies and is currently recognized throughout the world.

All of our product packages and product pages online detail the full list of organic ingredients used.

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