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Right from our early stage, My family were blessed with consuming natural products and celebrating their true essence.


With a strong Agricultural background, we were very keen on educating people about the goodness of organic intake in their daily lives.


Over the days, this belief strongly cropped up into a venture of providing genuine food products that impact society.

When we envisioned that one product benefiting everyone and is consumed daily by all, we finally landed on the tag “Oil”.

The predominant consumption of oil in any of the houses is for cooking. Ranging from national cuisines to International, for salads, sauces, and gravies, etc, oil plays a vital role.

This ultimate need for oil to people all over the world enticed us to jump into this industry of manufacturing oil. Also, recognizing the awful effects caused by Processed oils to the current generation tribe, we couldn’t resist exploring healthier choices for people.

As a result, a strong passion to provide chemical-free unadulterated food sparked us to inaugurate our business of bringing hygienic oil to your doorstep!

It is very disheartening to know that almost every brand of oil in the market is lifeless and highly processed leading to various incurable diseases in humans.


Whereas, wood-pressed organic oil enhances the body in all possible ways like boosting the immune system, regulating blood circulation, and whatnot! For the better livelihood of local farmers, we have a policy of procuring seeds directly from our farmers and using them to obtain the purest oil.

We heartily believe that leaving a healthy lifestyle for the future generation will be the best asset one can ask for! There emerges our credo “Reap the goodness”.


We are proud to work with a team of women supporters who perform their best to nourish people’s lives. – A tiny step to women empowerment!


 Commencing our brand in rural places, now we are extending into an E-Commerce platform to reach far higher. Customer satisfaction and their constructive feedback are our utmost gain!

-Deepika Thangavel

Properitor of Shivi Rudra

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