Threya Bath Salts Combo

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The Exquisite • Authentic • Handcrafted product of THREYA- Bath Salts!

Bath salts are water-soluble minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing.

These bath salts are blended with natural pigments and 100% pure, organic and lab tested essential oils and natural fragrance.

The natural bath salts are specially designed for skin and muscle benefits.

  1. This combo contains pack of 3 bath salts of 150g each.

1. Soothing Lavender Bath Salt


• Reduces skin inflammation and dryness

• Relieves eczema and itchiness

• Promotes sleep and stress reduction

 • Soothes muscle soreness and joint pain.

2. Pleasant Rose Bath Salt


• Improves skin imperfections and impurities

• Reduces stress and anxious feelings

• Relaxes nervous system

• Helps relieve muscle and joint discomfort

3. Rejuvenating Tea-tree Bath Salt


• Calms and soothes the muscles and skin

• Refreshes and detoxifies the body

• Infuses the bathwater with antioxidants

• Relaxes the stressed muscles and body

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Threya Bath Salts Combo

 550 750 Incl of all taxes (-27%)

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