• The Aroma Planet Papaya Milk Soap | Natural | Organic

    • Papaya has vitamins that promote healthy skin
    • Using papaya soap regularly can exfoliate your skin, treat acne, and even reduce hyperpigmentation, resulting in clearer, smoother skin
    • Feel the heavenly bliss bestowed upon you with the wonderful all-natural products
    • Each piece is handmade with care of maintaining the PH balance and leaving your skin and senses mesmerized by the aromatic fragrance of nothing less but the best aroma essentials and plethora of beneficial herbs and effective natural ingredients which have been used since the ancient times and have been a rich heritage right into your space making it more warm, cozy and comfortable
    • Experience the wealth of beauty and health
    • You are bound to ask for more
     199 210 Incl of all taxes

    The Aroma Planet Papaya Milk Soap | Natural | Organic

     199 210 Incl of all taxes

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