• My Aadhar – Activity Book

    Chittam’s My Aadhar is an activity book that will help ground children in their roots. It provides structured guidance for them to discover various facets of the tradition they are descendants and custodians of!

    • In India, everything we see around us captures meanings and symbolisms that stretch long back into our cultural past. Learning about these gives our children a powerful framework to understand and respond to their own circumstances, shaping them into mentally strong, empathetic, and successful individuals.
    • This activity book is built around 21 intriguing questions that will help children learn more about their own ancestors, their native land, their customs, and more.
    • Stay Rooted! Stay Complete!
    • Age : 7 +Years
    • What’s Inside?

    Activity Book With questions that will intrigue and encourage children to discover more about their roots, and fun activities to play and learn together with family.

    • What’s Unique About Activity Book?
    • Cultural Rootedness: Introduce children to aspects of your own unique culture that they might not have been aware of.
    • Screen-free Learning: Keep children engaged and interested in learning without relying on TV, phones or computers.
    • Kindles Curiosity: The process of working through the book will kindle interest in the kids to learn more about their roots.
     671 Incl of all taxes

    My Aadhar – Activity Book

     671 Incl of all taxes

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