Story Of Leaf Nutz Ventures

Leaf Nutz Ventures has been established by Young Women Entrepreneurs in mid of covid 2020 to raise awareness among consumers about the benefits of consuming dried fruits.

But from our experience, we understood not every dry fruit product available in the market, maintains the quality and taste, in every batch distributed due to the current quantity demand in the market. Moreover, the prices quoted for these products as well is very high. This is because of the chain of people involved from growing the crop until it reaches the consumer, making the product pricey.

To solve this problem we came up with a solution to reduce the margin by sourcing the dry fruits directly and making sure they are packed hygienically in airtight containers and distributing the products by ensuring that the right quality reaches all our customers and changing the Traditional supply system being followed.

The products offered by us are of superior quality and hand-picked to ensure nutritious value, taste, flavors, and freshness.

The entire product range we supply undergoes various stringent quality checks, which meet the specified industrial standards.

We possess a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals with experience and deep knowledge in this domain.

Our Mission is to serve people a Quality product with a unique distribution and supply method for a healthy diet and a delicious taste. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost goal and our strategic commitment are to be and remain the best in the world. We strive to perfect the process and encourage other budding women entrepreneurs.

Your encouragement is our fuel. Your small support for our initiative in delivering and serving quality products will keep us moving forward and serve you better every single time.

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