Pokonut Herbal Baby Face Cream 50 g

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  • Pokonut’s Herbal Baby Cream is crafted for your baby’s new, soft & delicate skin.
  • It is infused with the goodness of olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter, turmeric & aloevera etc.
  • With the power of all Natural ingredients, it will help maintain the perfect moisture level of your little munchkin’s skin.
  • Also, it keeps the skin hydrated and healthy for a long time.
  • Our Ayurvedic formulation does not include any harsh chemicals like parabens, silicone, dyes, etc.

Key Ingredients / What goes in?

 Turmeric:  Magic ingredients used in ayurveda from thousand of years. It make skin fair & glowing It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties heals wounds by reducing inflammation and oxidation. It prevents infections at affected area. Curcumin present in turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help heal wounds faster and provide instant relief at affected area

Aloevera Gel: Aloevera for baby skin is quite safe. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties & moisturizes baby’s skin and provides soothing effect . Presence of various enzymes in aloe vera makes it very effective in reducing inflammation and redness. Presence of various mineral like zinc , copper, magnesium, potassium , calcium and sodium makes it very effective in fighting skin conditions like warts or wounds.

Coconut oil: Important role of face cream is to moisturize and hydrate the skin and Coconut oil is perfect for this job and being light on the skin, it lets the skin breathe easily too. Coconut oil has been proved to have loads of therapeutic and relaxing effects on the skin. It has a tendency to heal, re-hydrate and moisturize the skin while being fast absorbent as well. It also keep baby skin soft and supple.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is a perfect moisturiser. Continuous use of this oil will keep your child’s skin soft and supple. Jojoba oil is a rich source of ceramides and thus keeps a child’s skin hydrated for long. This oil can also be absorbed by the skin easily. Jojoba oil can be used to reduce inflammation of the skin as it contains antibacterial properties. This oil can treat skin disorders in children.

Olive Oil– It is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and things like squalene and oleocanthal, which may help repair skin damage. Olive oil is also not toxic for babies, kills dangerous microbes, and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Shea Butter: Naturally abundant in Vitamins A, E and linoleic acid (Vitamin F), shea butter supplies essential fatty acids and nutrients necessary for collagen production, especially vital for young children.     

About this item

  • Pokonut Herbal Baby Cream is crafted for your baby’s new, soft & delicate skin.
  • Pokonut herbal baby face Cream is Power of turmeric and shea butter along with 4 natural oils it will helps to maintain the perfect moisture level of your little baby skin
  • Pokonut herbal ayurvedic Baby face cream is suitable for all skin types specially for dry skin.it is also suitable for sensitive skin too and perfect for winter and summer care.
  • Pokonut herbal baby face cream for fairness is suitable for babies age under 0 to 5 years.
  • Pokonut Herbal Baby Face Cream In the presence of turmeric make baby’s skin clear fair and glowing ,It has antiseptic properties and antibiotics cures injuries. It prevents infections at affected area reduces redness and itching. Provides soothing and calming effect.
  • Pokonut Ayurvedic herbal baby face provides hydration and nourishment for your Baby’s skin and is free of parabens,, harmful chemicals , toxins and Mineral Oil.
  • Manufactured at ISO and GMP certified Facility and No added colours.

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Herbal Baby Face Cream

Pokonut Herbal Baby Face Cream 50 g

 329 449 Incl of all taxes (-27%)

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