Bring Out That Red Lipstick | The Soul Alchemy | Energy Management


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This is a simple self-help book with plenty of exercises to do after each chapter to help build the energy balance within you. The author is an Energy Mindset Coach and outlines the basic principles for Soulful Living from her own journey from corporate to entrepreneurship in this book to strike the right energy balance to increase your potential.


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In an effort to equalise things, we see many women display “masculine” traits like aggression, competing fiercely to fit into the work mould, juggling around with too many roles. They are force-fitting themselves into a masculine mould, so as to be “accepted”, grow professionally but deep down they do not feel aligned. The same is true of men, too – they often curb their natural tendency to be gentle and empathetic towards others.

Irrespective of gender, we are all inherently blessed with energies of dual nature – masculine and feminine. It is the interplay of these energies that govern our behaviour. But how many of us are aware of it?

Based on this fascinating insight, the author’s personal experiences and expertise in all forms of energy work, “Bring Out That Red Lipstick” is a practical guide for women. It explains how women can awaken and harness their innate, creative, intuitive feminine energies for better alignment with their inner selves. This, in turn, will help them tap into the power within, be conscious, take better decisions and achieve much more in their career and find purpose, fulfillment, and harmony in all spheres of life.

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bring out that red lipstick

Bring Out That Red Lipstick | The Soul Alchemy | Energy Management


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