• Jaggery Powder | Natural | 1Kg

    Our Jaggery powder is extracted from cane plants that are grown using natural farming methods, which does not involve chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

    It is also produced without the chemicals used to clarify cane sugar.

    It is a versatile and healthier alternative to refined sugar. It has a rich, caramel-like flavor that can enhance various dishes and beverages

    Can be used in Hot and Cold beverages, Bakiing, Cooking etc

     134 149 Incl of all taxes

    Jaggery Powder | Natural | 1Kg

     134 149 Incl of all taxes
  • Organic Jaggery | 500gms

    • Jaggery, a naturally sweetening food has enormous health benefits
    • Made primarily from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice that is boiled until it solidifies, it is essentially a type of unrefined sugar

    ✅ Prevention of respiratory problems
    ✅ Helps with weight loss, Controls blood pressure
    ✅ Great source of energy
    ✅ Relieves menstrual pain
    ✅ Prevents anemia
    ✅ Available quantity is 500g

     65 Incl of all taxes

    Organic Jaggery | 500gms

     65 Incl of all taxes

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