• Bharata Vilas – Rummy with a Cultural Twist

    • Bharata Vilas is a brand-new card game from Chittam that will bring families together to learn about the cultural richness and diversity of India. Join us on a fun journey across this vast land, pausing on the way to appreciate the richness of each state!
    • Age : 8+ years
    • Mode of language: English
    • Players : 2-6
    • What’s Inside?
    • Playing Cards: 142 playing cards. For each state one card of each type – Dance, Food, Facts, Weaves, Monuments.
    • Playing Cards: Treasure trove of fun information on every Indian state – to be along with game play
    • What’s unique about this game?
    • Curiosity: The illustrations and wow facts in the cards and booklet will kindle interest in the kids to learn more about each state.
    • Strategy & Problem Solving: Playing card games in a group develops social skills, concentration, ability to think strategically and execute.
    • Cultural Rootedness & Empathy: Appreciating other cultures helps one build empathy towards and fosters a collaborative mindset.
     785 Incl of all taxes
  • Cute Baby Doll Toys

    • SIZE-14 CM
     1,200 1,800 Incl of all taxes

    Cute Baby Doll Toys

     1,200 1,800 Incl of all taxes
  • பா(R)ட்டி Talks – First Ever Board Game On Tamil Proverbs

    A first-of-its-kind board game that is built entirely around proverbs! பா(R)ட்டி Talks is a unique way to introduce children to the wonderful world of Tamil adages, and the timeless wisdom contained in each one of them!

    • Age : 8+ Years
    • Number of Players : 2-10
    • Mode of language: English, Tamizh
    • What’s Inside The Box?
    • 1 Board
      140 Game Cards
      1 Sand Timer
      1 Notepad and Pencil.
      1 Dice and 4 Pawns
      Countless Memories!
    • What’s Unique About This Board Game?
    • Cultural Rootedness: Proverbs stay in children’s minds and become part of their vocabulary – deepening their bond with Tamil.
    • Screen-free Learning: Each proverb will unlock stories and memories from parents and grandparents, bringing families closer together!
    • Creativity & Speed: The game involves a combination of drawing, enacting, and deciphering visual clues – all with the clock ticking!
     1,679 Incl of all taxes

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